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True Strapless Bra (Nipple Covers)

True Strapless Bra (Nipple Covers)

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Discover the true strapless bra experience with these nipple covers!

Discover the true strapless bra experience with these nipple covers! Say goodbye to uncomfortable bras and hello to true freedom with our nipple covers! Feel confident and secure with every outfit, knowing that our covers will stay put and keep you looking and feeling your best. No more awkward adjustments or worrying about wardrobe malfunctions. Get the true strapless bra experience you deserve with our amazing nipple covers!

Naturally adheres to skin using body heat:

Indulge in unparalleled comfort - no need for adhesive, these nipple covers utilizes body heat to adhere seamlessly to your skin! Say goodbye to sticky and uncomfortable feelings with our innovative design.

Made with high purity silica gel:

Made with high purity silica gel, these covers are incredibly soft to the touch and feel like a dream on your skin. No more uncomfortable and irritating bras, just pure, luxurious comfort.

No degumming and residue:

Experience a clean, residue-free wear with our True Strapless Bra (Nipple Covers)! No more pesky degumming or leftover residue. Believe in the value of a comfortable and fuss-free experience with our product.

Micro-cut design for perfect concealment:

The True Strapless Bra (Nipple Covers) uses a micro-cut design for perfect concealment, giving you the confidence to wear any outfit with ease. No more worrying about awkward slips or exposure, just pure, comfortable coverage all day long. Say goodbye to distractions and hello to feeling your most confident self!


Size: 8cm. 

Material: High grade silica gel.


Packaging list:

1* Pair of Nipple Covers.

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